We are now  using an inventory control feature provided
by PayPal and it tracks inventory and does not allow sales
after inventory is depleted.  However, you must pay for the
items immediately as leaving them in your shopping cart
will not reserve them.
Ted Kennedy
Hollyhill Dahlias
We have very little inventory to sell and many times that
is only as few as 5 tubers of something. We sell out of
many things in a few hours or even a few minutes.  
There is extra demand for dahlia tubers this year and I
hope that people understand that there is a limited
supply. We reserve the right to limit sales of a particular
variety and may issue a refund in that case. Generally, 3
tubers of one variety is our maximum. If a variety is in
very short supply, I try to say that in the description and
may limit sales to one tuber. .
Inventory Issues