We are introducing 14 new varieties this year.   If you click on the
picture of the flower, it will enlarge.  I may add more pictures of the new
introductions later.  We have grown many, many thousands of  dahlia seedlings  
over the last 25 years or so and our new varieties have many generations of  
selective breeding in their pedigree. We believe that dahlias need to be vigorous
and easy to grow and we have selected strong growing seedlings for our
breeding lines and most of our new flowers have 6 or 7 or generations or more
of our breeding.  Our varieties tend to grow taller on average than those
introduced by other breeders and can handle extremes of weather more easily.
Along with taller plants comes longer stiffer flower stems  and that is very useful
for bouquets and other uses.
Hollyhill Melody BB IC light coral pink
Passed in several trial gardens and grows on nice 4.5  
foot tall plants.  Very pleasing color for bouquets.
Hollyhill Snowdrop Large Pom White
The only pom that grows as tall as 6 feet while being covered in small
white flowers. Excellent stems and flowers that have no pink or
lavender blush. Flowers about 2.5 inches in diameter. Good tuber
maker. $16.00

Hollyhill Color Magic BB ID variegated pink/red
Lots of red spots on this pink flower. Won best
cutflower seedling at our club. 4 to 5 feet tall and makes
nice tubers. $14.00
Hollyhill Wedding Day BB ID White
Beautiful white flower that grows on a vigorous
easy to grow plant. The flowers have long stiff
stems and are ideal for wedding floral work. We
have been trying to breed a nice white flower for
several years and this one is the result of many
years of growing seedlings. 5 to 6 feet tall
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new varieties.
2021 Introductions
Hollyhill Pandora Waterlily Purple
Very nice waterlily useful for cut flowers or designs. Passed in a
trial garden. 4 feet tall. $15.00
Holyhill Sir J. Paxton BB IC Dark Pink
Named after the premier expert on dahlias in the 1830s. Beautiful
smokey pink flower  on an easy to grow plant. Makes nice tubers 4-5
feet tall. $14.00
Hollyhill Orange Peel BB ID Orange
The brightest orange flowers on 6 foot bushes. Beautiful cut flower bred to replace
our bright orange Hollyhill Sophia that does not make enough tubers to sell. This
one makes nice tubers. $14.00
Hollyhill Pink Pearl Pom light pink
Wonderful pom for your bouquets in a very light
shade of pink. 4 foot plants and nice stems too.
Passed in the only trial garden where it was entered.
Hollyhill Dungeness B IC dark blend dark pink/yellow
7 inch diameter incurved cactus flowers that swirl nicely into what could be called a
bird nest.   Tall growing plants are 6 feet tall and very vigorous. When shaded the
flower is the color of the Dungeness crab. A personal favorite.
Hollyhill Tigerstripe AA IC Variegated
11 to 12 inch diameter flowers  on 5 to 6 foot tall
plant. Makes lots of tubers. Won a best seedling
award.  $17.00
Hollyhill Donnatella  BB IC LB Pink/yellow
We are releasing one of Margaret's arrangement flowers. This one
is an incurved cactus and is featured in the designs pictured to
the left. Flowers are about 6 inches in diameter and grow on
vigorous 4 foot plants that make lots of tubers.  $14.00
Hollyhill Wedding Day
Hollyhill Firecracker MB Flame  
passed in several trial gardens 4 feet tall. $14.00
Hollyhill Sunny BB SC Yellow
Classic yellow semi cactus form . 4 to 5 feet tall. Makes nice
tubers. $14.00
Hollyhill Yellow Black Beauty BB ID Yellow
A yellow version of our Black Beauty. This flower is just like Black Beauty
in shape height and tuber making ability. 5 feet $14.00