American Dahlia
Color Chart
I have scanned the ADS color charts using my Canoscan LIDE 600F scanner. I have not color corrected
the charts but have blurred some of the scans to make the colors less blotchy.  The scanned colors are
not completely faithful to the printed color chips and need some minor color corrections that are very time
consuming to do. If I get time in the future, I will color correct some of the chip numbers so that the color
chip matches my computer monitor.  I am posting the color chips to our dahlia web site because of the
numerous people that have asked questions concerning the color charts and they want to see the colors
on their computers. I realize that the colors may appear slightly different  on other computer monitors.
However, I am a big believer in the old saying that "something is better than nothing".  
Instructions:  Each page of the color chart has been scanned.  I
have set up a link to a color picture of each page of the color chart.
Click on that link to see the colors of that page. I may add some
pictures of flowers in the boxes to the right to illustrate the colors.
White Chips 1 thru 9
Yellow  Chips 1 thru 12
Yellow Chips 13 thru 24
Red Chips 1 thru 12
Red Chips 13 thru 24
Dark Red Chips 1 thru 12
Pink Chips 1 thru 12
Pink Chips 13 thru 24
Dark Pink Chips 1 thru 12
Dark Pink Chips 13 thru 24
Lavender Chips 1 thru 12
Lavender Chips 13 thru 24
Orange Chips 1 thru 12
Orange Chips 13 thru 24
Purple Chips 1 thru 12
Purple Chips 13 thru 24
Purple Chips 25 thru 36
Bronze Chips 1 thru 12
Bronze Chips 13 thru 24