Welcome to the Hollyhill Dahlias site for the
2020 growing season.
 We are introducing 13 new varieties and you can see
them on our
“New Introductions” page. We will create a web page for each of the introductions that has
several pictures of the new variety in the next few days You can access each web page by clicking on the
name of the flower in the New Introductions page or in the price list. We try to allow you to see a larger
picture of the flowers and you can see the larger picture by clicking on just about any picture in the

We have raised our shipping charges to $10.00 for most orders and $3.00 for an order of one tuber. It
may be cheaper for you to place two or three orders for a single tuber than putting them into one order. It
is hard to match all the situations when using PayPal software.         

I do not like large orders and request you limit your order to no more than 3 of any variety. I will give
preference to smaller orders and may refund a large order rather than accepting it.  Email me if you
contemplate making a large order.

Every year we are asked about
shipping early as in December, January or February. Our tubers are in
storage and inaccessible until our first shipping date the last week of February and we will not ship earlier
than that date. We also get requests to ship after our last shipping date in the first week of April.  I am too
busy taking cuttings and getting our gardens ready to ship after that date. Order from someone else if you
need a later shipping date.

As we get older and we are both over 70 years of age, we try to limit the number of dahlias we grow for
sale and just concentrate on breeding new varieties. That means that we may not sell an older variety,
especially those that are available elsewhere. In fact, we do not sell all of the one year old varieties the
second year. For example, we introduced 10 new ones last year and we are only selling 5 of them this
year.  So if you want a new one, it would be advisable to buy it the first year. And the price is not going
down much the second year either. We have prepared a list of older varieties that are not for sale and you
can access it by clicking the “
Old Hollyhill Varieties” button. I will  update information on most of the

Be sure to check out Margaret’s flower arrangement pictures from the shows in 2019 by clicking the
Margaret’s Arrangements” button.

Ted & Margaret Kennedy