Hollyhill Suzanne  and some seedlings
Hollyhill Firelight
SB's Sunny
Chimacum Troy
Red Seedling
Top: M C Flame Seedling
Middle: Orange Sport of Rolf
Bottom; Hollyhill Firelight
Hollyhill Warlock
Hollyhill Chloe
Hollyhill Black Widow
Hollyhill Spiderwoman
Hollyhill Alzora
Formby Kaitlyn
Arrangement using our B IC L
seedling.  Hope to release it in 2012.
Flower Arrangements
When a good friend of Margaret's passed away, Margaret did some flower arrangements
for the funeral. There were three large baskets, two smaller ones and a funeral cross.
Filled up the back of the pick up.
One of the larger baskets.  Smaller
bicolored flowers are Orange Ice.
Glorianne is at the bottom center.
One of the smaller baskets. Margaret
likes to grow lots of sun flowers. She
saves seeds each year(it is a race to
keep up with the birds eating the