Flower Arrangements
At Kitsap, Margaret entered an
arrangement featuring one flower:
Hollyhill Glorianne.  It is suspended
within a frame.  It was given Best
Arrangement in Show.
Hollyhill Cotton Candy
A water arrangement featuring  a small
yellow waterlily seedling. Hopefully we
will introduce it in 2012 as it is a really
nice arranger's flower.  It has very long
Arrangement featuring two vases.
Flower is a second year seedling that
we really like.
Close up of Hollyhill Glorianne in the
suspension arrangement
At Grays Harbor, Margaret entered this
miniature arrangement in her
Grandmothers old tea cup and saucer.
It won Best in Show.
Lots of red and white dahlias in a small
wagon.  White is Hollyhill Diamond.
Bicolor is  Rejman's Polish Kid.
Theme is something to do with the moon. Margaret selected this
first year seedling to be the moon. The flower is A sized and has
pleasing blends of pinks and yellows.  Hope it does well next year.
Close up of the
Moon Flower
Hollyhill Shogun meets Godzilla.
Hollyhill Tigress won a blue ribbon at
Margaret's Best in Show Pam Howden
arrangement at Portland.
Margaret also won best bouquet with
this vase that includes Hollyhill Tigress
in the center. Hollyhill Bewitched is at
the bottom right.  Chimacum Julia is
the yellow one.
I really liked this arrangement of
Clearview Arlene.
Theme was hobbies. Margaret 's
arrangement is on the left. Gordon
Jackman's is on the right.
Margaret's Mass arrangement.
Purple flower at the center is a
fourth year seedling. Scott's
Criterion is the Orange semi
cactus on the top right.
Hollyhill Spiderwoman wins again! It is
probably the best arrangers flower that
we grow.