Flower Arrangements
Margaret's Best in Show arrangement
at Kitsap. The theme was Artists of the
World, "Rembrandt Three
dimensionality  using shadow, light and
Margaret used two screens to  filter the
light on the arrangement.  She used
Dark red and nearly black flowers in
the back bouquet and Hollyhill
Tangerine in the middle one. The
yellow flowers were seedlings.
Link to
larger picture
Theme was "Donatello, stone and
wood."  Flower is a second year
seedling that she that is very
promising.. Perhaps we will name it
The theme was "Picasso, your own
interpretation."  and Margaret used a
poster from his blue period as a
background. Inland Dynasty is the
bottom flower and the lavender is our
soon to be introduced Hollyhill
Lavender Blue.
Theme was "Michaelangelo, sculpture
using white dahlias."  Flowers are
seedlings as we had no named white
flowers in bloom.
Margaret loves doing water
arrangements and the theme was
'Monet, waterlilies and water."  The
seedling waterlily flowers on the left
are now called Hollyhill Monet after this
design. The waterlily on the right is
one of Margaret's favorites: Sandia
Margaret's Best in Show entry at Grays
Harbor. The theme was Theme was
"Barn Raising, frames of weathered
wood with three different sizes of
dahlias."  Flowers are Hollyhill Big Pink,
Hollyhill Lavender Blue and Hollyhill
Theme was  "Bushels of Producce,
design with dahlias and vegetables. " .
Margaret used Hollyhill Tangerine and
Hollyhill Glorianne.
Theme was Bringing in the Hay, a
design with yellow dahlias."  Flowers
are Lakeview Glow, Chimacum Julia,
Hollyhill Suzanne and Hollyhill Nikko.
Theme was  "Farm Babies, small
design 18 inches or less(in all
directions) using dahlia blooms under
two inches in diameter. "  Flowers are   
Stoneleigh Joyce and Yellow Baby.
Theme was "Fun at the ole swimmin
hole."  Margaret used Hollyhill Tigress
in various stages of maturity placed in
an old rusty gold pan. .
Ted  could not resist doing an
arrangement after we found this cute
cow. Flower is AC Fancy.
Theme was " Farm fresh fun, design
showing motions and whimsy."  
Flowers are Hollyhill Tangerine and
Hollyhill Glorianne.
At the Puget Sound show Margaret won best arrangement  in
show with this horizontal. The theme was "Northwest
Creatures, Great and Small, Swans winter in the Skagit
valley, horizontal arrangement."  Flowers are Hollyhill
Diamond. By the way, Diamond is one of the most faithful
flowers in our garden; it always has lots of nice white blooms
for bouquets and arrangements.
The theme was "The buck stops here,
use wood or an antler to create a line
arrangement."  Flower is Hollyhill
Lavender Blue. Soon to be released.   
Gordon Jackman used Lavender Blue
in his best in show arrangement at the
ADS National show in Santa Clara.
Water arrangement  and theme was    
" Salomon return, an arrangement
showing water."  Flower is  Hollyhill
Monet., soon to be released.
Sorry about blurry picture. This
is a miniature arrangement and
theme was "Finches and
Friends in the Graden,
arrngement no more than 12
inches in any direction"  
Flowers are  Hollyhill Calico i,
Scott's Criterion, Dainty Miss.
Can you see the two small
Ted entered one arrangement and
won best amateur design. Flower is
Hollyhill Sprite, an arranger's waterlily
with extremely long stems, new this
year. Top flower has three foot stem!
(technically,  a combination of stem
and stalk)
Margaret won Best in Show  at
Portland with this design.. Theme was
windswept shores. Key flower is
Hollyhill Shaggy Dog, a giant novelty
flower that is not for sale for a year or
two.  At the bottom is Spiderwoman
and above it is an exotic variegated
Theme was two containers. Margaret
decided to go with her own theme of
white and black vases combined with
red and white dahlias.  Hollyhiil Court
Jester is the large flower and an M FD
bicolor R/W seedling.
Every show seems to have
a water design. This theme
was: "Where Two Rivers
Meet". Margaret used our
Hollyhill Monet again along
with Hollyhill Black Widow.  
Two floral dishes were
stacked to imply two rivers.
Theme was "Through the Garden
Gate", a transparency design.
Margaret chose our brightest flower,
Hollyhill Flamingo  to go in front of and
behind the grates.
Theme was "Mountains Majesty", a
vertical mass design.  Margaret used
Hollyhill Augustina, a flower  
scheduled  to be a 2013 introduction.
Theme was designers choice but make
it small, no more than 8 inches in every
direction. Margaret wanted it to look
like a full sized water design. She used
our second year seedling that is a
"miniature waterlily" for the flowers. It is
about 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter.
Hopefully, more miniature waterlilies
will be introduced.
At the Eugene show Margaret was
unable to attend but sent one
arrangement for the class that was a
tribute to Alfretta Spores who died last
year. She was a well respected judge
and flower design expert.  Flowers are
Hollyhill Cotton Candy and Hollyhill
Lavender Blue.
Since Margaret could not attend, Ted
took up the challenge and here is his
design using Hollyhill Art W,, one of his
favorite flowers. He calls it the "semi
cactus waterlily" because it is so flat. If
you want a flower for Fall color, you
can't beat this one!
Ted wanted to do a small
water design. Bottom flower is
Pam Howden. Middle and top
flowers are a miniature
waterlily seedling. Judges said
the starfish was not needed.
Oh well, it won a nice prize!
At Roseburg, Margaret won best in show with her interpretation of Labor Day. She chose a picnic basket
and placed an arrangement of  orange and very dark red flowers in it. The almost black flower is our new
for 2013, Hollyhill Black Beauty. The bottom orange flower  is Hollyhill Glorianne and the top orange
flowers are seedlings.
The picture above did not show the
matching cup and silverware and plate.
Bouquet class, Red in front is Hollyhill
Firelight. Purple formal dec flowers are
Hollyhill Regal. Top waterlily is Hollyhill
Monet. .
Valentines Day. Bottom flower is
Hollyhill Quintessence. There are three
Hollyhill Bridget flowers and two
Hollyhill Geisha and one Ruskin
Close up shot of flowers.
The theme was New Years and the
flower is Hollyhill Spiderwoman
Entry was  "One flower in a bottle".
Flower is our Hollyhill Tempest that will
be released in 2013. It has the
deepest dark purple spots and stripes
on a bright very dark pink background.
Very intensely colored!
Here is link to
detailed picture of it.
Theme wa Fourth of July. Bicolor is AC
Fancy. White:Hollyhill Diamond, Red:
Hollyhill Shogun  
Margaret attended five dahlia shows this year. She tries to use our Hollyhill flowers and seedlings
as much as possible in her designs.   
This was one of Margaret's first
arrangements that she showed several
years ago. Ted really liked this one.
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