Flower Arrangements
Margaret's Best in Show arrangement
at Kitsap. The flowers are Hollyhill
Mystique(never released), Hollyhill
Bewitched, a dark seedling and
Hollyhill Diamond.  The theme was to
use high heel shoes. Margaret used
two vases and arranged the flowers to
blend with one another.
Margaret won best arrangement at  three of the four shows she entered. She tries to use our
Hollyhill flowers and seedlings as much as possible in her designs.   Click on picture to get a
larger picture.
Here is Ted's arrangement in
the amateur class. Flower is
second year yellow waterlily
that we really like.
Small arrangement with baby shoes.
Horizontal arrangement.  Lots of other very small
flowers mixed in to five the design some pop.
Kitsap Designs
Grays Harbor
This is Margaret's arrangement that
won best in show.  They wanted a
design featuring a clown. Purple
cactus flowers are a second year
Theme was something about drawing
cards to get a full house. Flowers are
Hollyhill Black beauty and Hollyhill
Bewitched and some others. The mat
is black paper with playing cards
laminated onto it.
Theme called for candy apples.  Those
little green flowers are something you
can now buy at your florist supply.
Click on picture for a
close up.
Hollyhill Pink Martini is in this water
Thee Hollyhill Donatellos, one Hollyhill
Tangerine and two seedling flowers.
This is the ballet slipper class. Three
Hollyhill Bridget flowers and two
seedling flowers are arranged in a
vase in front of a ballet slipper  poster.
Margaret used some LED lights in the
vase for this one. Big yellow flowers
are Clearview Sundance.
A vertical arrangement
using one of our seedlings.
Wood arrangement. Hollyhill Lavender
Blu is the cactus flower. The large
"picotee" flower is a seedling.
This Margaret's best arrangement at
the Portland show.  It scored 99 points
and the winning design done by
Jeanette Benson (pictured below)
scored 100 points.    Hollyhill Pink
Martini looked really good in this one.
Jeanette Benson's BIS design.
Margaret did a design in front of a
poster of a  New York City sunset.  She
did not get an award on this one as the
"parallel"  design was supposed to
have the containers stacked on one
another. I really liked it anyway.
Hollyhill Moonsong is featured in this
Yellow design featuring Clearview
Ginger Clack did this mass
She always puts
together wonderful mass designs.
Margaret gets some pointers on her
designs at the Portland show.
Lane County Show
Margaret won best in show with this
Hogarth curve design featuring Hollyhill
Donatello. She wants to point out that
the top foliage moved around a bit
before the picture was taken and the
three branches were closer together.
Several of the spectators at the show took
pictures of people in front of this one.
I won best amateur arrangement with
this one.  Lots of yellow foliage from
our garden.  I wanted to use two vases
and to tie them together into one
design. The mirror tile helps to do that.
The painted rock simulating a gold
nugget was deemed to be overkill by
the judges.
Sea treasures. Sorbet and a Hollyhill
seedling are the flowers.
Hollyhill Black Beauty is featured in this one.
Hollyhill Pink Tigress has sported to a
red flower. I think it looks great in a
water design. Several people asked
about the avail
ability of the flower and I
believe it will be introduced in 2015.
Not enough stock this year.  And it
needs a better name than "Hollyhill
Red Pink Tigress".
Close up picture