Arrangements 2014
Margaret's Best in Show
arrangement at Grays Harbor.
The theme was "Grow It".  
Flowers are 2012 seedlings.
Ted's arrangement that won a blue
ribbon. Seedling 12-43 is featured.  
Theme was "Blue"
Margaret's round arrangement.
Lavender Blu and Chimacum Julia.
Hollyhill Funhouse is the flower and it
is over 9 inches in diameter.
Arrangement is over 5 feet tall.
Margaret's water arrangement
featuring our seedling yellow waterlily
with blue ageratum and artichokes.
Hollyhill Cotton Candy is in the vase to
the right.
ADS National Show
Margaret with her Best in Show arrangement
Here is the arrangement.
The class called for a pair
of vases. The flowers are
Hollyhill Black Beauty,
Hollyhill Starburst, Hollyhill
Lavender Blu, Hollyhill Liz
and the old standby
Robann Royal. Click on
picture to see a clearer
Margaret also won the best
vase of flowers in the
show. There were 17
Margaret won the prize for the best
mass arrangement in show. The clas
was to memorialize Phil Traff who liked
very large displays of flowers. The
mass is about 5 feet tall..
Portland Dahlia Society
The judges awarded 99 points to
Margaret's Transparency design using
Hollyhill Black Beauty and Hollyhill
Cotton Candy.  The winner of the best
in show got 100 points
This design won our illustrious
"Neighbors Award".  That is our
neighbor the hairdresser picked it as
her favorite. In the show it did very well
too winning 97 points.  Flowers are
Hollyhill Donatello and Spangenberg's
new unnamed miniature ball.
Margaret won best basket in show with
amixed basket of Hollyhill Starburst,
Hollyhill Regal and an unnamed
Lane County-Eugene, Oregon
At the Eugene show Margaret used
Hollyhill Pink Martini and Swan Island's
Bride to Be in a water arrangement. It
was selected as the best entry in show.
There were about 30 arrangements at
the show.
Wood arrangement that won a blue
ribbon.  Picture not well exposed and
colors washed out.
Small arrangement not exceed 12
inches. All flowers are small seedlings.
Did not win a ribbon.
Picture of winner
Angular arrangement.
Margaret won best in show with this
Fall color arrangement. The flowers
are  four Hollyhill Black Beauty, Hollyhill
Donatelleo and two Hollyhill
Augustinas. Margaret was going to use
a lighter colored vase but brought this
vase with her just in case and decided
it would look better in a black