My favorite so I  trippled it.
Margaret's Arrangements
Margaret only entered in three shows this year . We were not able to go
to the first shows of the year and her first show was the Portland show.
The theme was Halloween and
Margaret used Hollyhill Candy
Crush and our little miniature
orange seedling  in this two
vase display.
The best in show design was
done by our good friend Gordon
Hollyhill Diablo was featured in
Margaret's fruit basket
Hollyhill Cafe' Rose' paired with
our unnamed A sized SC Pink
and Hollyhill Gordon on the
Our son John entered the
novice class and used Hollyhill
Monet in his water design.
Cute little design in the "not to exceed
12 inches" class. The white pom was a
seedling and unfortunately it made no
Hollyhill Hello Dolly in the
Oriental class.
Hollyhill Madison and Hollyhill
Lilliput in Margaret's Best in
Show basket
The theme called for an
illuminated design. This one had
some battery operated miniature
clear lights mixed in the display.
It won best in show. Flowers are
Hollyhill Madison.
Them was moon rocks. Flowers
are solid Hollyhill Tempest(it is
usually variegated).
Vincent Van Gough's Starry Night is
one of the most popular artworks in
the world.  Margaret painted a version
of it on some poster board for the
background.  Flowers are Holyhill
Diamond and an unnamed seedling.
Suspension design and
Margaret used HH Karen Lee
with HH Augustina and HH
Helow Dolly
Sheri Causey did the head table