Margaret pollenizing a flower.
Margaret keeps records of the crosses.
House and yard 2010
Geneology of a Flower
From an A IC OR to an MFD PR
Here is a picture of Hollyhill Electra
taken when it won best in show at the
South Sound show. It is an A IC
Orange. The seed parent of Electra
was Cynthia Huston A SC R.
Electra was crossed by a bee with who
knows what and produced Hollyhill
Mystique B ID Purple. A possible pollen
parent could have been Hollyhill Purely
Purple but one can ever be certain.
Note the form has changed and it is
nearly a formal decorative.
Here is a picture of  seedling 5-13, BB
FD PR. It was a Mystique seedling
again crossed by a bee, pollen parent
unknown. Note that the form is even
more formal decorative, but we would
like to see  more ray florets.
Here is a picture of Odyssey MB LB
L/W. Note that it has lots of ray florets
and it has very nice winning form.
Margaret hand crossed Odyssey with
pollen from our 5-13 seedling.  The
result was  Hollyhill Regal M FD PR. It
has lots of ray florets that lay in a very
precise manner. It won the Lynn
Dudley  and Derrill Hart Medals for
Hollyhill Electra is one of the great
grand parents of our  Hollhill Regal. In
each generation the size of the flower
went one class size smaller:  A to B to
BB to M. The color went from orange
to purple and stayed purple.