Margaret Wins Big at National Show!
Snohmish Washington 2009
This is Margaret's Best in Show
arrangement. The theme was 1929
Black Tuesday.  She used three very
dark flowers: the bottom one was a
solid dark black red Bewitched, the
middle a Hollyhill Black Widow and the
top a bud of Black widow. Foliage
included dark Phormium, Barberry,
Heucara, and weed seed pods. The
arrangement was placed in a designer
vase placed on an upside down plastic
floral dish. The background screen
was a cut up grill for a  florescent
fixture painted black.  A 12 inch tile
was the base.     
Theme was the Berlin Wall.
Margaret used a 2008 seedling that
we may call Lavender Blue. Old
rocks from the garden placed on a
stepping stone
Theme was "The Day the Music Died"
Margaret used her Stella Guitar
purchased in about 1966. Flowers
were Hollyhill Shogun, Red Spider.
Jester, Rejmans Polish Kid, Tahoma
Theme was 1979 Supersonics win NBA
Championship. Margaret  used Wyn's
Sundazzler at the bottom with some
Rycroft Club Ball flowers. She pasted a
logo on the vase. Basketball hoop was
painted green to match colors.  
Young girl and Mom
check out arrangement.
Theme was Hopalong Cassidy is on TV
in 1950. Margaret used Hollyhill Chloe
with some Cardoon flowers and
assorted foliage and weed stalks. She
used his plastic horse and placed the
arrangement on a lacquered piece of
Theme was 1919 Prohibition. Margaret
used our  flower Hollyhill Witchy in the
arrangement. She placed a vase in a
plastic barrel and then used scotch
broom to form a Hogarth Curve.
Margaret spent a lot of time creating
Dorothy's ruby slippers. Flowers are
Hollyhill Nikko, Hollyhhill Suzanne
Theme was the Millenium Celebration.
Margaret used Hollyhill Spiderwoman
and wanted  the arrangement to look
like fireworks.
Margaret entered a mixed basket and
won best basket in show. Flowers are
Rycroft Jan, Chimacum Troy and our
new waterlily Hollyhill Leda. Picture
was taken the second day and
Margaret has pointed out that the
Chimacum Troy flower on the lower
left moved an inch or two to the right.