Yard and Garden 2014
Our friend Steve
Meggos sent us some
petunia starts . We
put them into hanging
baskets. The one on
the left  is hanging
nearly to the ground
and is nearly 5 feet
from top to bottom.
The petunia we
bought from the
nursery is on the right
and only about 3 feet
in depth. Click on
pictures to enlarge
We place hanging baskets and containers of flowers at the end of 10 our dahlia rows.
A view of our "path" lined with containers of flowers. Note that there are no dahlias in the containers. We have found that they do best planted in the ground.  
Snoho Storm growing in the row.
Hollyhill Rudolph with petunias in background.
Pole beans growing  at the end of
a dahlia row.