Hollyhill Tour
Before and After
Click here for lists of plants in gardens
We placed hanging baskets at the ends of the rows of dahlias. Also each row got
a pot of placed on some building blocks.
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Entrance to the garden. Click for larger picture
We created a walking area with pots
on both sides.
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We planted very tall Canna Lilies
behind the dahlias and the other
flowers.  They are called Banana
Cannas as they can grow over 10 feet  
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Another view from the other direction
and bit earlier in the year.
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bigger picture.
Here is picture  about a month before
the tour.
Here are pictures of the hanging pots. Click on a picture to make it larger.
Here are some pictures of the pots of flowers.
Click on a picture to make it larger.
Several weeks before tour.
Pictured below the day after the tour.
Picture of a couple of the logs we used
as pot stands.
A few shots of the garden
One of Margaret's ornamental
pigweeds came up in the dahlia row.  It
is about 7 feet tall.
Margaret's sunflowers are the first flower row. She
saves the seeds and gets a few new each year too. As
I write this the squirrels are harvesting them.  
Some photos of the gardens as we were getting ready.
And finally, we found our old mail box and painted it dark green. The
local sign shop made the letters. We do not normally have a sign on
the road as we are not open to the public. We put it up just before the
tour and took it down right after.  
Click here for a list of container plants and perennials in
our garden.