Hollyhill Art W.
Art W. is named after Art Weurth of Olympia, Washington. He had the audacity of saying that
he appreciated this flower when it was shown as a seedling.  Art W. is  a novelty flower that  
has the characteristics of a waterlily dahlia and a semi cactus dahlia.  It is extremely flat with
only about 7 rows of ray florets, just  like a waterlily. However, instead of having  flat petals
with rounded tips like a waterlily, Art  W.  has classic semi cactus rolled petals. The flame
colors are very deep and the flowers are about 7 inches in diameter.
 Art W. is an excellent
cut flower  and  the florists love it
.  Grows on a vigorous bush; about 5 feet tall. Like Art W.
the flower blooms a bit late.  Pictures cannot show how bright the orange is.