Hollyhill Cotton Candy
New for 2010. Cotton Candy won the Derrill W. Hart  medal for the best "B" sized flower in
the trial gardens in 2009.  It is a large sized "B"  flower with a diameter of almost 8 inches. It
was shown to blue ribbons in shows as both a "A"  sized and "B"  sized flower. The color of
the incurved cactus flowers is a very pleasing dark pink.  As it matures the ray florets swirl
in a very pleasing way. It has also been shown in the basket class and won a blue ribbon.
Cotton Candy is a strong grower and can take quite a bit of heat and sun.  In our garden, in
the full sun, it reached 6 feet tall and it was also over 6 feet tall at the Tacoma trial garden.  
The flowers have good depth and nice stems.  The plants are very attractive in the garden
and the flowers are held above the foliage.  
Cotton Candy in 2010
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