Hollyhill Leda
Leda was new for 2010.  It is a seedling of  Pam Howden(pollen parent).  
Leda was the key flower in the basket that won best in show at the National
show. It is a very tall growing, vigorous waterlily that has excellent stems. The
flowers are about 6 inches in diameter and are very nice shade of lavender
pink. The ray florets cup upward very nicely.  Grows to 5 feet tall.
Leda picture taken from
the side to show petal
Best Basket at National Show in Snohomish in 2009. Picture was
taken in the afternoon of the second day and the flowers are
beginning to droop. Flowers were picked on Thursday and this
picture is Sunday afternoon. And remember we live 200 miles from
the show.  Margaret wants all to know that the Chimacum Troy
bloom on the lower left was bumped or shifted and it is not placed
where it was when the basket was judged.
Leda in 2010