Hollyhill Margarita
New for 2010. Margarita is the first flower that Margaret named after herself(Well almost ,
Margarita  means "little" Margaret). It is an exotic incurved cactus in dark blends of dark
pink and yellow.  It passed in two trial gardens(with scores higher than our Cotton Candy
that won the Derrill Hart Medal).  Second highest scoring dahlia at the Portland Trial
Garden.  Grew nearly 7 feet tall at the Tacoma Trial garden and had a very high score
there of over 87.  
That sure is good looking post!
Close up showing
blended colors.
Margarita at the
Tacoma Trial
Garden. It was a
bit more solid
pink there and
the yellow did not
show as much as
in our garden.
Margarita in our
garden. Notice the
yellow at the base
of the petals.
Margarita 2009
Click for larger