Hollyhill Red Button
M FD red  2 inches in diameter.
New for 2013.   Very small  formal decorative  true red  flower that is great for
arrangements and bouquets. There are no bright red pom dahlias and Red
Button  is wonderful for those situations where you need a very small red pom
type flower.   3.5 feet tall.  
All of the small flowers in this
arrangement are Red button. Note the
strawberry leaves and the Red Button
flowers mimic strawberries here.
Here is a basket of flowers and Red button is on the bottom. To it's left is our red pom
seedling that will not be released until 2014. Note the bicolored  seedling on the left of the
basket is Hollyhill Santa Baby. Red Button and Santa Baby go really well together.
Red Button on top. Santa Baby to the
left and Fireball below.  Santa Baby
looks bigger but is not actually.