Hollyhill Shaggy Dog
Novelty Dark Pink Flowers up to 10 inches in diameter!
Shaggy Dog is a very unusual dahlia.  It is a very large flower  and can be about 10 inches in diameter.  
It is an unusual shade of dark pink  and the florets twist like an incurved cactus.  It has a second set of
florets that are shorter and are interspersed throughout the flower.  It does not resemble any other dahlia
that we have seen. It is an excellent arrangers flower  and has been used in a best in show design.  The
plants grow easily to 6 feet and taller. The flowers are unusual in that they never have an open center
and as the flower ages the ray florets never fall out.   Flowers are best picked at about 3/4 open and
they will last a very long time in bouquet.
A bucket full of normal dahlias and Shaggy Dog.
Best in show
arrangement at Portland
in 2011.