Hollyhill Tempest
New for 2013.  Tempest is a B sized flower that is one of the darkest colored
variegated flowers  of all.  The petals have a base color of purple and  they are
overlaid with dots and streaks of very dark  maroon.  The form of the flower is
quite exotic and it looks like no other dahlia.  The plants are almost overly
vigorous, growing to 6 feet quite easily.  On the downside, it does not have too
many flowers and some of the flowers sport to solid maroon.  It is an excellent
arrangers flower that has been in many winning arrangements.
The theme was “OREGON ZOO” – A
transparency design incorporating
an artificial zoo animal. The intention
was that all you would see was the
eyes looking at you from behind the
foliage. The zoo animal was a gorilla.  
Flowers are Hollyhill Black Beauty and
Hollyhill Tempest.