We are introducing 12 new varieties this year.   If
you click on the picture of the flower, it will
enlarge. If you click on the flower name, there are
additional pictures and details about the flower.
Hollyhill Diablo

Passed in trial gardens.
Hollyhill Dr. Rick BB IC Dark Red
Passed in trial gardens.  Winner Derrill
Hart Medal. Grows 5 to 6 feet tall. Good
cut flower too.
Hollyhill Spreckles MB
variegated yellow/red
Cute flower for bouquets or
show Passed in trial gardens
and ADS Bench
Hollyhill Madison BB IC

Passed in trial garden
Hollyhill Code Red M FD DK RD
Passed in trial gardens
Hollyhill Lilliput M FD Lav
Flower just a bit bigger than 2
inches. Superb cut flower.
Hollyhill Sunny Boy BB
SC yellow

Superb cut flower. Makes lots
of tubers.
Group photo of some seedlings that
may introduced in future years.

Exotic flower for bouquets and
Hollyhill Showtime BB
SC Orange

Show flower that has great
B SC variegated white(with some light
yellow) and purple tips and spots and
The name says it all as this is an exotic flower for a
bouquet or arrangement.   It is a seedling of a top
winning show flower but it did not inherit the good
form of it's mother.  But what it has is wonderful color.  
4 to 5 feet tall.   
Hollyhill Sweet 16
Pink WL bubblegum Pink
Small sized waterlily for
bouquets and arrangements.  
Large red waterlily for cut
flowers and arrangements.