We are introducing 10 new varieties this year.   If
you click on the picture of the flower, it will
enlarge. If you click on the flower name, there are
additional pictures and details about the flower.
Hollyhill Kris Kringle

BB ID bicolor red and white
Wonderful cut flower that is about 5 to 6 inches in
diameter. The color is red that is a red red in the first
part of the season and then gets more orange red as the
season progresses.  It has nice stems for bouquets and
is a good tuber maker. It grows 4 feet tall in most
gardens. Sold out 2018
Hollyhill Masquerade B ID BI PR/W  
Masquerade is a wonderful cut flower and design flower that
is easy to grow.  This one is Margaret's favorite new
introduction this year. It grows 4 to 5 feet tall and I would
estimate that about 30% of the flowers are bicolor and the
rest are either blotched with white patches or are solid
burgandy purple.  Nice stiff, long stems and it is a long
lasting cut flower.  It is a good tuber maker.
Sorry, sold out for 2018
Hollyhill Lemon Chiffon BB ID
pastel yellow
Lemon Chiffon is a wonderful cut flower
and designer's flower that is easy to
grow.  Pastel yellow flowers are very rare.  
It grows 4 to 5 feet tall  and has lots and
lots of flowers. One of it's good qualities
is that it can be picked at 1/2 ripe and the
centers are not green and the flower will
open up to full size in few days.  Nice stiff,
long stems and it is a long lasting cut
flower.  It is a good tuber maker.

Hollyhill Confetti MB Variegated purple/white
$12.00 Variegated flower with good form, Passed in 4
trial gardens. Lots of small splashes of purple color
on white background. 4 feet tall.  Sold out 2018
Hollyhill Pink Cadillac
A SC dark pink
Very bright dark pink flower with good size. Needs
some shading to achieve it's best color. Passed in
two trial gardens. 4 feet tall
Average tuber maker
Sorry sold out for 2018
Hollyhill Sunny Boy BB
SC yellow

Superb cut flower. Makes lots
of tubers.
Hollyhill Cafe' Rose'
Sold out first day
A IC dark blend
This one of Margaret's favorite flowers for her show
arrangements. I hesitate to sell this one as it does
not make a lot of tubers. The tubers it does make do
keep well.  Incredible arrangers' flower with blends
of pastel yellows and deep pinks. It has won best
arrangement in a large show and numerous other
blue ribbons in designs. Plant grows to 5 feet tall and
stems on flowers are long and stiff. Note: the colors
on Cafe' Rose' seem to vary during the season from
a pale version to a bright deep blended version to a
pinker version.  

Hollyhill Zahara
Sold out first day
AA IC Orange
Seedling of Hollyhill Electra that is a bit
bigger flower at about 10 inches in
diameter. Nice vigorous plants that grow 5
to 6 feet tall. Good tuber maker.
Hollyhill Black Cherry

Oversized pom dark red

Black Cherry is slightly oversized pom in a very
dark shade of red. It is very vigorous grower and
is much more vigorous than nearly all poms. It
has excellent stems and lots of flowers for
bouquets.  Good tuber maker.

Hollyhill Gordon
B ID lavender
Very tall growing plant with nicely formed lavender flowers.  Named after our
good friend Gordon Jackman. Makes very large tubers in very large clumps. 6-7
feet tall.
Hollyhill Masquerade
Hollyhill Finlandia A SC Light Blend  dark
pink and light yellow
Tall growing large flower. Passed in five trial gardens
and came in 2nd for the medal competition. Named
after the musical tone poem Finlandia by the Jean
Sibelius. Tall growing at 6 to 7 feet. Flowers are 8 to
10 inches in diameter. Sold out for 2018