We are introducing 10 new varieties this year.   If
you click on the picture of the flower, it will
enlarge. If you click on the flower name, there are
additional pictures and details about the flower.
Hollyhill Gingersnap M SC LB OR/Y
Very productive bloomer  that has lots of show
quality flowers useful for shows or cut flowers.
Grows about 4 to 5 feet tall and is a very good tuber
maker. Passed in numerous trial gardens.
Hollyhill Tangelo BB SC
Winner of the Derrill Hart medal for the
best BB sized flower in the trial gardens.  
Very high bench scores  in ADS seedling
competition.  Tangelo is a 5th generation
seedling of our breeding.  It's color is a
very pleasing shade of orange and
Margaret featured it in her arrangement in
a Halloween themed category.   Tangelo
is also a wonderful cut flower and design
flower that is easy to grow.  It grows 6 to
8 feet tall(yes, it grows very, very tall!) .  
Nice stiff, long stems and does well in
bouquet.  $18.00
Hollyhill Julia B IC yellow

Hollyhill Julia  is a very nice, tall growing
yellow flower. It is related to Chimacum
Julia but grows taller and has slightly
bigger flowers.   It grows 5 to 6 feet tall  
and is a good bloomer.   It is a good tuber
maker. Passed in trial gardens.

Hollyhill Golden Boy M FD golden yellow
Passed in numerous trial gardens and on the show
bench. Very well formed flowers with an extremely
high petal count. Has won a section award in the
shows.  4 feet tall.
HH Clowning Around:  Sold Out
B ID Bicolor dark pink/white tips
Very striking bicolor flowers on bushes with dark
stems. Bicolor flowers do not come around very
often and this one is a really nice garden and cut
flower. Flowers are about 6 to 7 inches in
diameter. 4 feet tall
Note that it is HH rather than Hollyhill and that  
just means it has too many letters in the name for
the classification book.
Hollyhill Red Funhouse
A ID pure red  Sold Out
Hollyhill Funhouse has been one of our
most popular and easy to grow varieties.  
A few years ago a plant had solid red
flowers instead of the variegated yellow
and red flowers. We saved tubers from
that plant and the sport has remained
stable. The color of the red sport is an
intense, pure,  non fading red.
Additionally, the sported flower has more
depth than Funhouse. It grows over 6 feet
tall and the flowers are about 9 inches in
diameter and it is an excellent tuber
Hollyhill Sophia
Waterlily brightest orange
$15.00 Sold out very quickly
If you have been wanting a really bright orange
waterlily cut flower, your wait is over. Sophia is one
of the brightest orange flowers we have ever seen,
and is the same color as a California poppy. This is
one of Margaret's favorite flowers for her show
arrangements. The plants are huge and easily reach
6 feet tall. Unfortunately, a gopher ate several of the
plants and we have only a limited number of tubers
for sale.  Flowers about 6 inches in diameter.

Hollyhill Yukari
Waterlily white
Cut flower waterlily in white.  Grows about
4 feet tall and has nice stems. Does best in
the cooler weather when it has very nice
cut flowers.  Good tuber maker.

HH Long Tall BB C
pink blended with some white
The name says it all: this
flower has some of the longest,
good stems of any cut flower
dahlia. Very tall growing plant
with cactus flowers with about
50% depth. The stems are over
18 inches long and Margaret  
picked one over 36 inches
long.  Good color for bouquets
and special events.  6-7 feet
tall. Good tuber maker.
Hollyhill Dragonfire B Cactus
variegated yellow and red
Variegated flower that has extremely nice cactus
form. Passed in several trial gardens. In the shows it
has won best variegated in the show three times. It
was very popular at the trial gardens with visitors. It
may be classified as a light blend of yellow and
orange with red spots. 4-5 feet tall
This picture is quite orange.
2020 introduction, no name yet
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