Hollyhill Bewitched
B ID variegated w/dk red
Hollyhill Bewitched B ID variegated
white/dark red
Bewitched is one of our oldest introductions and is still one
of Margaret's favorites.  We found some excellent stock that
we had given to a friend and grew lots of it this year.
Margaret has been very picky about what color the flowers
are and this strain is one she likes.  Excellent cut flower and
florists love it.  5 to 6 feet tall. Good tuber maker.
This is a typical flower of  this strain of
Bewitched.  Some flowers are solid
black red  too.
This one is  a sport of Bewitched that
we do not have.  Having said that it is
very likely that some flowers will look
like this.  Ted loves this one.
This one is  another  sport of
Bewitched. It is available form Cowlitz
River Dahlias.