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March 23  

March 30

Please do not ask for a later shipping date as I am busy taking dahlia
cuttings and have no time to ship packages.
Substitutions: We always attempt to ship what you ordered. If we
cannot , we will substitute a variety of the  same price or more. If you want a
refund instead of a substitute use this PayPal button.  We are more liberal with
extra tubers if you do not use this button.
More on Substitutions:
If you use this button, we will substitute your unavailable tuber  with a
Hollyhill variety or two.
Free tuber:  We used to include a free tuber with most orders
but as we get older, we have less extra inventory to do so. Some
orders may get a free tuber; we will see as the shipping season
Use this button to have your free tuber be a Hollyhill variety.
Portland Dahlia Society members: If you want
your tubers delivered to a Portland Dahlia Society
meeting, use this button to print that on your
order. Send me an Email with a  list of other
varieties you want in lieu of the $8.00 shipping
charge that the software charges on all orders.
Shipping Dates: You can select from the following shipping dates. I like  to ship
everything by April 1st and only ship later if I get behind.   I charge $.25 to designate a shipping
date. If you do not designate, I will ship based on your location with cold  areas shipped on about
April 1st.
I will not ship earlier than February 25th as I need to move the boxes of tubers from storage to the
shipping area and will do so just before February 25th.