Substitutions: We always attempt to ship what you ordered. If we
cannot , we will substitute a variety of the  same price or more. If you want a
refund instead of a substitute use this PayPal button.  We are more liberal with
extra tubers if you do not use this button.
More on Substitutions:
If you use this button, we will substitute your unavailable tuber  with a
Hollyhill variety or two.
Sorry this no longer works due to the
pandemic: Portland Dahlia Society members
If you want your tubers delivered to a Portland
Dahlia Society meeting, use this button to print
that on your order.
Shipping Dates: I will select the shipping dates in March starting with the Southern
States. I will generally ship on Monday or Tuesday. First shipping date is March 1st.
Free Tubers may or may not be
included with your order. We are short
of tubers and cannot continue send
out free ones. However, I do have
some unknown tubers and some "too
small" tubers that I may send with an