Here are some pictures of our 2010 seedlings. We did not get a picture of every seedling
that we kept this year.  It should be mentioned that many of these flowers will never be
released for various reasons.  We will grow the ones that survive storage for another
season and will re-evaluate them.   
Variegated seedling of
our Hollyhill Tigress. Will
be called Hollyhill Pink
Tigress. It is a seedling of
our Tigress.
This is a dark blend ball dahlia. Hand cross of a
ball and a pom. It has very well formed tubular
florets. Black White image really shows the tubes.
Not kept
B IC Yellow. Had very deep form
and good color. Bee crossed.
Grew it for 4 years and finally let it
This waterlily type flower
was not only very pretty  
but had as many as 4
flowers on the bush at the
same time.  Seedling of an
SC and who knows
what.Hollyhill Monet
This photo came out great and of course it takes a nice flower to get a nice photo.  This
B SC  is a bee pollinated seedling of our medal winning Hollyhill Tangerine.  Will be
named Hollyhill Donatello. Plant was over 6 feet tall.
Click Here for a more detailed
Both Margaret and I liked this
bronze waterlily. This is actually
Hollyhill Serenity
This pretty bi color
flower was one of
our favorites. Will be
a very cute cut
flower.  BB sized.
Bee crossed.
Hollyhill Butterscotch
Cute little MB. Bee crossed out of
Verrone's Steven D. Not kept
Margaret likes this MB seedling of Ms.
Kennedy. She says the color is dark
pink but it looks a bit like red to me.  
Grew nice and tall like Ms. Kennedy.
There were three seedlings that
looked much like this one.  One of
them won a seedling prize and was
declared to be a pom. This one was a
hand cross of a pom and a ball. Poms
crossed with balls seem to produce
seedlings from about 2 inches in
diameter to 3.5 inches.  Most are MB
Cute picture of a little bloom(about 3
3/4inches) with some of the
characteristics of  a stellar but may be
a novelty.  Not kept
A hot pink cactus flower.  Margaret
likes this one. Seedling of her
Margarita and is a large BB sized. Not
Another seedling of Tangerine. We marked
many of them to keep.  BB SC OR
Not kept
BB SC variegated. We really like
this one. Hand cross of two
Hollyhill variegated seedlings.  
Was not good enough to keep.
This was the best AA seedling of 2010.
It is a seedling of Hollyhill Electra.  
Flower was about 12 inches in
diameter and brightly colored. Did not
do well in later years
Another picture of Tangerine seedling
Click here for more detailed picture
Hand cross seedling.  M FD R.  A lot of
them looked like this one.  We will
select the best next year.  
Hand cross of two MB Dahlias. Looks
like this one is a formal decorative.
Plant had excellent growth habits and
had very nice flowers on it all season.
It is a darker purple than the picture.
As they say the apple does not fall too
far away from the tree. Bee crossed
seedling of  Verrone's Steven D.  
It ended up not having a good closed
Verrone's Steven D.
This is an older
seedling that has
shown some real
promise. B SC Coral
or Salmon Pink.
Maybe bronze, colors
are confusing for
dahlias of this color
scheme. Very deep
form. Bee crossed
seedling of a top
winning  SC flower.
Link to a clearer