Here are some pictures of our 2012 seedlings. We did not get a picture of every seedling
that we kept this year.  It should be mentioned that many of these flowers will never be
released for various reasons.  We will grow the ones that survive storage for another
season and will re-evaluate them. Updated 10-20-12
Click on pictures for a larger picture.
This is a 7 inch in diameter waterlily
flower.  Similar in size to AC Tran.. May
be released in 2017
Nice BB FD in an orange color. Parent
is a Hollyhill semi cactus.  Very rare
that the petals would become FD from
a semi cactus parent. No longer with us
BB SC BR This seedling has very good
form and excellent depth. I had a
senior judge measure the diameter
and depth of the flower. Diameter 5.0
inches, depth 4.875. Parent is a
Hollyhill SC. Hollyhill Showtime
here for another picture that shows
The first flowers on this seedling were
excellent. MB DK RD
Pom in yellow. Took a flower to the
judging seminar and several judges
gave it a high score using the seedling
potential guide. Picture a bit too
saturated but it is a darker yellow than
Yellow Baby. Parent was a purple
pom.  Went open center in later years
This magenta red waterlily looked
really good all season. Tall growing
and flowers had good stems and
substance. Hollyhill RPT
Very rare color: Lavender with white
tips. BB FD BI L/W Went solid and
culled it.
This yellow FD or maybe ID is about 8
inches in diameter. Seedling of R. Kris
and it has some of the look of Edna C.
that is related to R. Kris. Not kept
Picture does not do it justice. This BB
C OR grows seven feet tall and I had
to hold the camera so high that this
was the best I could do. Very precise
cactus form. Seedling of an SC Hollyhill
variety. Hollyhill Zarina
This waterlily is only 4 inches in
diameter. The color is just bit lighter
than the picture. Very round petals
that cup well. still have some of this in
This large B sized flower(or small A
sized) is the same dark pink color as
it's parent Hollyhill Margarita. It is the
result of a hand cross. Tall growing
and it reached 7 feet with flowers on
several 7 foot stalks. The camera
cannot capture the intense color. Not
The M SC BR to the right won best
undisseminated seedling at the ADS
National show. Hollyhill Electra is to it's
left. Electra is this flowers "great
grandmother".  Hollyhill Jitterbug
Lousy picture of the pink pom seedling
that won best undisseminated at the
Grays Harbor Show. Kept for breeding
In all the years we have been breeding
dahlias, this is one of the most unusual. It is
about 5 inches in diameter and would be
classified as a BB FD probably bicolor R/OR.
It is the only dahlia we have ever seen in this
color combination but a dahlia by the name
Jescot Lingold has the same colors in it's
Both Margaret and I liked this one for
it's light dusting of pigment.
Tall growing waterlily type flower in a
pleasing blend of lavender and white
This is the flower that won best
undisseminated at the Kitsap show.
It is a B SC Red. Color is just a little bit
watermelon red. Nice form and depth.
I do not remember too much about this
one but it does have the shape of
Spartacus. I believe it was about 6
inches in diameter.
Margaret gets all excited when she
sees an exotic incurved cactus flower.  
This one looked good all season and it
does open up a bit more. Not a show
flower but will do well in arrangements.
Hopefully, this one will stay small. M SC
Bi R/W. Jokers Wild type flower. Some
were perfect bicolor. Most were like
this. Seed parent was Court Jester.
I brought this one to a judging seminar
and it was well liked.  M FD Yellow.
Seed parent was a Hollyhill variety.
There were three seedlings that
looked much like this one. All had the
same seed parent. I believe that one of
the other two had a bit better form. Will
grow all three again.
Flower is  a pom seedling that is a dark blend.  A little to big to be a pom.
This A sized semi cactus or maybe IC
flower looked good in it's first year. Not
a lot of larger purple flowers out there.
Pom seedling that looks much like it's
parent Pop Willo. This one certainly
has tubular petals and is nice and
round. It's delicate color does tend to
fade however.  I made a special effort
to gather more seeds from Pop Willo
for next year.
I remember very little about this BB
Cactus seedling. It bloomed rather
early and the picture came out nice.
We will evaluate it again next year.
Love the picture of this one.  Seedling
of our Alzora.  Actually, a second year