Here are some pictures of our 2013 seedlings. We did not get a picture of every seedling
that we kept this year.  It should be mentioned that many of these flowers will never be
released for various reasons.  We will grow the ones that survive storage for another
season and will re-evaluate them.
Click on pictures for a larger picture.
Waterliliy in a rare flame color pattern.  
It is a seedling of a Hollyhill Tigress x
Pam Howden flower and we do not
know pollen parent.  Went open center
in 2014
We were reminded of Hollyhill Cotton
Candy  when we first saw this one. It is
BB IC in probably lavender. Looking
good in 2015
Very rare color: Lavender with white
tips. BB FD BI L/W
Flower is  a pom seedling that is a dark blend.  A little to big to be a pom.
This is a BB sized incurved cactus in
what will probably be classified as
bronze or pink.  Good depth.  Seedling
of Hollyhill Augustina. Lost all stock in
This incurved cactus swirls into the
classic "birdnest" shape.  It is a hand
crossed seedling of two incurved
cactus flowers. Was not vigorous
enough to keep
This BB sized flame flower will probably
not be a big time show flower but
people will admire it's intense flame
colors. We may name it Hollyhill Pants
on Fire. This one fell flat on it's face in
2014 and looked really bad.
Close up picture
This MB seedling bloomed in the
shade of taller seedlings. It sure has
some intense color.Was not good
enough to keep
This miniature semi cactus really is this
color: purple with dark purple tips.  We
can only guess that it is a pollen
seedling of Hollyhill Contessa but we
know the mother plant was a miniature
ball. Was not good enough to keep
Red waterlily. Too red for the camera.
It is a seedling of one of our waterlilies
that has not been introduced.  When I
dug tuber clump, it had seven tubers!!
Still growing this one in 2015
Hollyhill Bridget M SC DP
B sized golden incurved cactus.  It is
the result of a hand cross of two
incurved cactus flowers. Had very few
good flowers in 2014 and culled it.
B sized flower in informal decorative
form. Margaret likes this one.
Did well in 2015
This B or A sized flower may be
classified as a formal decorative or
informal decorative. Either way it has
bright color for a large flower.Grew
little bit of it in 2015 but not on the
keeper list
MB in lavender. Culled in 2014
When this one opens up, it is novelty
closed center much like Valley
Porcupine. Culled in 2015
There were some nice cactus blooms
on this one. No longer around
Nice form and color on this BB SC
Red. Still doing well in 2015
If this one looks like Hollyhill Fireball,
that is good because it is seedling of it.
Hopefully, it will be more red than
Fireball(it gets more yellow as the
season goes on).
Fireball Gave up on
this one in 2015
I took five pictures of this one because
I knew the camera could not capture
the bright orange red color. I was right.
If you look at the top of the bloom, the
sun is shining through the petals and
that is a bit more like the actual color. I
suppose it will be listed as red rather
than orange. But to me, it is deep
orange.  B sized at about 6.5  inches in
diameter. Tubers rotted
This is a small red waterlily seedling.  
We will grow it in the waterlily rows next
year. Did not make it
Hollyhill Dr. Rick, a 2103 seedling that
missed getting a picture back when. I
hope this picture makes up for it.