Here are some pictures of our 2014 seedlings. We did not get a picture of every seedling
that we kept this year.  It should be mentioned that many of these flowers will never be
released for various reasons.  We will grow the ones that survive storage for another
season and will re-evaluate them.
Click on pictures for a larger picture.
2014 Seedlings
This miniature semi cactus yellow won
best seedling at the Roseburg show..
Kept a couple of tubers to grow in
2016 but not on the good list
This M C DB flower won best seedling
at a show too. This one grew really well
in 2015 but under the ground there
were almost no tubers. I kept a few to
grow as it was pretty nice.
To continue with miniature flowers, this
M ID bicolor R/W looked really good all
year. In 2015 this one was even better.
Makes tubers too. It even gets a name
Hollyhill Kris Kringle
This miniature could be called either
an ID or a stellar. Culled in 2015
Margaret loved this BB ID V Or/Red
In 2015 it looked pretty good too.
I really liked this BB SC dark red. It
grew 6 feet tall  too. Looked good in
And there was another BB SC but in
red not dark red. Not that good in 2015
We were hoping for lots of really nice
waterlily flowers but this was not the
year for them. Not good in 2015
This seedling is a "micro" formal
decorative meaning that it is less than
2 inches in diameter.  It was scored
very high on the 1 to 10 at Grays
Harbor and then won best "micro"
entry at Roseburg. Nothing like it out
there.Won more prizes in 2015
This red flower was nice. Not sure if it
is an FD or MB or Ball. Seedling of a
ball dahlia. Not kept in 2015
This one is a dark red miniature ball.
Nope, not good enough in 2015
Miniature FD in a very delicate color
scheme of white and lavender-purple.
Really is good looking flower. Looked
even better in 2015 Photographer love
this one.
This M FD PR had nice form but color
is a bit streaky. Culled in 2015
This BB C DB PR/W had really deep
colors. Too bad it fades in the sun.
Margaret loves this one and insisted
on keeping it in 2015. It may fade but
when shaded it is spectacular.
Unfortunately, most of the flowers on
this seedling were mostly white and
burned in the sunlight. But this one
flower was spectacular. In 2015 this
one had some really nice flowers and
was kept.
And I did not keep track of the number
of this one when I took the picture. We
did mark it to carry over another year. I
like the intense colors. Not kept in
2013 seedling
This golden yellow M FD  had
outstanding form. In 2015 there were a
few good flowers and it gets another
In 2015, there were several really nice ones in the 2014
seedlings grown from tubers  that did not get a picture.. We have
marked them and are keeping them.
Here is one of the best 2014
seedlings. It is a B sized formal
decorative that has excellent vigorous
six foot  plants and wonderful flowers
that are almost A sized.  
B sized flower that may go to trial gardens