Here are some pictures of our 2016 seedlings. We did not get a picture of every seedling
that we kept this year.  It should be mentioned that many of these flowers will never be
released for various reasons.  We will grow the ones that survive storage for another
season and will re-evaluate them.
Click on pictures for a larger picture.
Hollyhill Cafe' Rose'
Cactus seedling that won a seedling
"A" sized wild incurved cactus.
Grew over 6 feet tall.
B sized semi cactus in a nice red
Margaret loved this one. It is a B sized
informal decorative.
Arranger's flower that is very
productive. It is a just bit bigger than 6
inches in diameter. Plant covered with
several nice flowers all season. Also
made a good sized tuber clump.
BB sized cactus flower in pure red.
Miniature ball flower in a color scheme
that florist's love.
A very bright orange waterlily that
already has  a name: Hollyhill Sophia
A "B" sized stellar-informal decorative
flower that has very dark stems.
Margaret really likes this one.  
Always looking for a good yellow
waterlily and this one had some nice
BB sized informal decorative bright
orange flower that is the same size and
shape as HH Black Beauty. It would
look great in a bouquet with Black
Early bloomer that had very deep form
in a dark pink.
Miniature semi cactus that reminds me
of HH Contessa and this seedling has
the same mother as Contessa
Pure orange in a BB sized flower.
Immature on the left. Fully ripe below
Cut flower type in a nice shade of
bubblegum pink
Miniature cactus flowers are very rare.
This one looked very good.
Another pink waterlily seedling. This
one has nice rounded petals.