Seedlings That  May Be
Sold in  2019
Hollyhill Cafe' Rose' is on schedule for
2018 release. It has won best
arrangement in show..
Hollyhill Gingersnap
Miniature flower with good depth and excellent form.  God tuber maker. Grows on 6 foot tall  bush.  
This unnamed seedling is the color of Cafe' au Lait but is a 10 inch diameter flower. A bride toured our garden to select
flowers for her wedding. She found this one and declared it to be her favorite. It is a good tuber maker.
Hollyhill Clowning Around is a "B" sized stellar with a bit of informal decorative twisted
petals and may end up being classified as informal decorative. Bicolor is very consistent from
flower to flower and it has dark stems. 4 to 5 feet tall. Excellent cut flower. Good tuber maker.
This flower was featured in Margaret's best in show arrangement.
Superb, deep straight cactus form along with the purest red color.
Name may be Scarlet Dream.
Hollyhill Dragonfire has a perfect show record with one blue ribbon and two
best variegated in show ribbons along with a best seedling ribbon.  B sized
flower that has incredible depth
Hollyhill Tangelo is well formed BB semi cactus in bright pleasing orange color.
Grows very tall and has excellent stems.
This unnamed seedling has been entered in the seedling classes four times and won best
seedling in all four. Judges admired the orderly florets and the good depth.
The color in this picture was exaggerated by the camera. We have been growing this B sized incurved cactus for 4 years now.  It has replaced Chimacum Julia in our garden as it grows taller and
has better flowers. It does have Chimacum Julia in it's pedigree.  Margaret and her friend Gordon have used it in numerous winning arrangements and it is an excellent basket flower as it has long
stiff stems. And it has excellent growth habits reaching 5 feet easily. All of that and it is a good tuber maker too. It deserves to get a name and to be sold.
There are several more but I do not have time to gather up the pictures.
Hollyhill Golden Boy M FD Y
This seedling has already won blue ribbons, a best of type and a section
award. Very high petal count and they are arranged precisely.