Seedlings That  May Be
Sold in  2018
Hollyhill Cafe' Rose' is on schedule for
2018 release. It has won best
arrangement in show..
Here it won best second year seedling
at Eugene.
This one will be called Hollyhill
Candycrush It is B sized
Margaret loves. 2018
A SC Pink flower that looked great in
2016. Tall grower and good stems.
Hollyhill Finlandia
to be released in 2018
Hollyhill Kris Kringle did exceptionally
well in the garden in 2015. Lots of
flowers, good stems, nice vigorous
bushes. Makes tubers too. Size is BB
at about 4 to 5 inches in diameter.
2018 intro
Miniature FD red. This one won a blue
A couple of red semi cactus flowers.
Both continues to look good in 2016.
One is a 2014 seedling and the other
a 2015. We have couple of nice red
ones in the 2016 seedlings too
This one has excellent depth. It is
about 7.5 inches in diameter.  
Hollyhill Jillian BB FD Variegated
Nice flowers on 4 foot bushes.
Hollyhill Kris Kringle BB
fd Bicolor  red/white
New introduction for 2018
This BB ID in pastel yellow is very nice
and will be an excellent cut flower and
show flower.
Miniature semi cactus flower that looks
great in the garden.
Miniature flower with good depth and
excellent form Grows on 6 foot tall  bush.  
Hollyhill Gingersnap
Hollyhill Candycrush B ID bicolor
On the far left is Hollyhill Gordon B FD
lavender. On the upper right is an A
SC Dark Pink that will be released in
2018. The incurved cactus on the
upper left does not yet have a name.
Dark Red pom that grows nearly 5 feet
M FDd yellow. Very high
petal count. Has won a best
of type award.