Here are some pictures of our 2018 seedlings. We did not get a picture of every seedling
that we kept this year.  It should be mentioned that many of these flowers will never be
released for various reasons.  We will grow the ones that survive storage for another
season and will re-evaluate them.
We are hoping this one does well next
year. Flower is about 6 inches in
Tall growing orange red  seedling.
Color is extremely bright.
We always keep over any black
seedlings. MB Black
B sized semi cactus flower with
excellent depth
My favorite MB from this year.
Incredible form, tall growing, Gold color
is on the reverse of the petals.  
B sized seedling of our HH Icarus.
Color is a pure California Poppy
Nice variegated waterlily.
Picture taken in a heat  spell. Good
depth. Large BB size.
Small red waterlily, about 4 inches in
diameter. I hope this one does well
next year.
Best first year seedling is show at Roseburg. Our purple waterlily. We really hope this one continues to do well.
This seedling takes the 2017 prize for being the most photogenic. It has deep colors and the petals have picotee edges. It grew 6 feet tall. It is not going to be much of a show flower as
it does not have the depth needed to compete. However, in the competition for a place your garden and to be included in your bouquet that you bring into the house it will do quite well.
This incurved cactus was
photographed in the early evening
when blue light was overly abundant.
No it is not a blue dahlia. After seeing
the picture, I went back into the garden
to verify it was not truly blue. It is pretty
close however.
Oversized white pom seeding. Grew 6
feet tall and had numerous blooms all
season. Well formed flowers with tight
centers and the flower has excellent
Seedling of Black Beauty in the same
color. Nice cactus form and grew 6 feet
tall and made nice tubers.