Hollyhill Melody 2021 Introduction
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Ted Kennedy
Hollyhill Dahlias
2021 New Introductions
Closed for the  
We had a nice season for sales but
many people were not able to order
from us because of our limited numbers
of tubers for sale. It will only get worse in
upcoming years as we get older and are
unable to grow as many plants. I always
say if you see a Hollyhill variety
available somewhere else, buy it there.
We will always sell out of what we offer
for sale. Commercial people should be
aware that several of our varieties sell
very well and you should grow and sell
them.  We are looking forward to next
year when we will grow our seedlings
both from seeds and the second and
third year selections from tubers. I have
loaded some
pictures of the seedlings
from the 2020 and we hope they do well
again in 2021. Hope you all have a good
growing season!

Ted & Margaret Kennedy
Margaret did this arrangement for the
2020 Portland Virtual show.