Hollyhill Lemon Chiffon
Hollyhill Lemon Chiffon BB ID pastel yellow
Lemon Chiffon is a wonderful cut flower and designer's flower
that is easy to grow.  Pastel yellow flowers are very rare.  It
grows 4 to 5 feet tall  and has lots and lots of flowers. One of
it's good qualities is that it can be picked at 1/2 ripe and the
centers are not green and the flower will open up to full size
in few days.  Nice stiff, long stems and it is a long lasting cut
flower.  It is a good tuber maker.
The name is also the color
This is a very good picture of it when it
is fully ripe
This is a wreath done on a florist's 12
inch Oasis wreath and stand.  
This is a nosegay done on a florist's
oasis bridal bouquet holder.