Lost Angels
Seedlings that were lost or just did not make
it through the evaluation process.
This BB C Red was outstanding the
first year but the second year we did
not like it as well.  It  had an excellent
first flush of blooms but then the next
flush was not as nice. We decided it
was one of those that had too many
blooms.  We had not been growing
seedlings very long and decided not to
grow it the third year. Looking back,
that was a mistake as nice red cactus
dahlias are few and far between and
by controlling bush growth it would
have had excellent flowers all year
This 2001 seedling should have been
kept, but we were too inexperienced to
recognize it's potential. Not only was it
a super nice color of Purple but it had
lots of petaloids. We thought petaloids
were a "major" fault. Now we know
better. Wish we could get this one
This seedling of Peach
Delight was a very nice
B sized, sharply formed
semi cactus. When we
dug the first year tuber
clump, there was only
one very small tuber that
did not keep. Lesson
learned: Peach Delight
has few tubers that do
not store well and so do
it's seedlings. Lost Angel.
This B C LB had form to die for on the
first year bush. Not real vigorous the
second year and did not have real nice
blooms, especially in the full sun.
AA SC Yellow that we lost as it did not make viable tubers. This was a major disappointment.
Here is what we were going to call
"Pink Joker" . Tubers did not keep on
this one.
Really nice seedling of Jessica, BB C
Flame. We found out that most
seedlings of Jessica do not have good
tubers. This one was lost after the first
This B sized seedling of Jessica made
through two years before we lost it.
Nice open center seedling of Pam
Howden. Maybe should have kept it.
Did not do well second year.
B ID Bi Color
Another old seedling that we should
have kept or lost. There is a 2011
seedling that looks something like this
and we are keeping it.
B ID Bi Color
Another old seedling that we should
have kept and foolishly did not.
An orange WL that always had a green
Flower had very short stem in the
second year. Probably did the first
year too but  we did not notice.
Cute little M LC W that just did not
thrive the second year. There are very
few laciniated miniature dahlias and
this one could have won easily in the
shows. We no longer are breeding
laciniated flowers but Hollyhill Paris
made some seeds this year.
Another B or BB SC W that we did not
keep. Have had about 5 or 6 like this
but none were keepers.
2008 seedling that did not
keep in storage.  Seedling
of Barbarry Red Dwarf.
Seedlings of Red Dwarf
vary in keeping ability from
good to terrible.
There have been many very nice show quality
dahlias that just did not grow vigorously enough
to release. Here is another example. It won best
seedling in show but in subsequent years was
never vigorous enough to release. We do not
believe that people want to grow dahlias that
need a tremendous amount of care to yield a
few nice flowers.  
This flower is the result of a hand
cross of two top winning miniature
flowers. If this seedling had more vigor
and produced more tubers, we would
have released it.  We have kept it for
breeding purposes and it produces
excellent seedlings and it also makes
many more seeds then either of it's
parents.  Form is in between stellar
and formal decorative. It has excellent
depth. We are still growing it in 2012
as I write this. Lost it in 2013. HH
Taboo is a seedling of it.
click for large picture
Very nice flower but would not win big
in the shows, The florets  were not
uniform leaving gaps.  Grew it for
several years and finally did not dig it.
Pretty picture, click to see it
Whenever you invite a friend to pick
out a nice first year seedling, you take
the risk that it will not make it to the
second year. Margaret's good friend
picked this one out and it 's tubers
Click for larger picture
This variegated was second best to
Hollyhill Tigress as a seedling. In some
ways it is nicer than Tigress.
Technically not a lost angel as we kept
it for breeding but it is not vigorous
enough to release. It has had some
wonderful  seedlings.  It has no Pam
Howden in it's  pedigree and when
crossed with the Pam Howden babies,
the flowers have a nice diverse genetic
This 2014 seedling bloomed when
planted in 2015 and here was the most
beautiful bicolor flower.  We celebrated
and even gave it a name.  Then the
second flower bloomed and it was not
bicolor but solid red. And we never saw
another bicolor flower and did not dig it.
This A sized flower had near perfect
flowers on tall 6 foot bushes. We had
three healthy plants of it the second
year and when I dug the tuber clumps.
I noticed that it did not make very large
tubers. Every one of the tubers rotted
and it was lost.
I am still wondering what happened to
this 2013 seedling. It had super nice
form and color and just disappeared in
This 2014 seedling went open center
in 2015.
White pom was lost before we dug it.
Yes, we lost the tag and did not dig it.