We are introducing 13 new varieties this year.   If
you click on the picture of the flower, it will
enlarge. Later I will add this feature: If you click on
the flower name, there are additional pictures and
details about the flower.
Hollyhill Pollyanna MB Lavender pink  
Nice cut flower in the classic lavender pink color
Hollyhill Double Take M FD
Bicolor lav/W Nice cut flower in a deep
lavender purple color with random white

Hollyhill Bashful MB Light Blend Pk/y
Nicely formed cutflower in a modern light tan color.
Hollyhill Seeing Red BB SC Dark
Very well formed show flower that can win in
the shows.
2021 introduction, no name yet
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2020 Introductions
Hollyhill Spice Girl BB SC
Passed in numerous trial gardens and
on the show bench. Grows 5 feet tall.
Hollyhill Berry Purple Min FD purple
Wonderful cut flower, easy to grow.
Holyhill Harlequin BB ID Tricolor
Tall growing cut flower
Hollyhill Spice it Up Min IC LB Gold/yellow
Super productive cut flower with some show potential.
Hollyhill Black Magic BB
SC Dark red black
Seedling of HH Black Beauty is a bit
Hollyhill Mischief B SC variegated white /dark
red(very few dots and splashes)
Nice white flower for all purposes.
Hollyhill Wicked Witch waterlily
type in very dark variegated colors
Hollyhill Jumbo Jack AA SC DK PK
Giant flower on a nice tall plant.
Hollyhill Shine On A IC yellow
Reliable , easy growing large flower for
shows and all purposes.